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Take Me There - exhibition

My work has been selected 
for the Take Me There -exhibition, 
at Heong Gallery.

I have chosen illustrations from my picturebook story ‘What will you do next?’ where a parent takes his toddler to a park - the Botanical Garden - to share what the place has to give: green areas, a water fountain and small animals. For me, the Botanical Garden has become a good friend to visit during my studies in Cambridge. It is a place where you can ‘breathe in’, get relaxed and get inspiration. Every time it has had something new to show, even during the winter, when the Winter Garden was in its best suit. The atmosphere in the park is enchanted. The story contains a special moment of a boy who, encouraged by a lion, undergoes the natural developmental stage from a crawling to a walking individual, that will say takes his first steps. I hope the same boy will come back to this place, also as an adult, not only to see what plants and animals the garden is able to provide but to gain strength and courage, to ‘breathe in’ and feel himself whole. 

Take Me There (Pop-Up Exhibition)

Heong Gallery, 
Downing College, 
Regent St. 

Living in our Own Bubbles

Living in our own bubbles

I would like to show you a view from the Cambridge Backs where you can see the iconic King’s College Chapel, River Cam, and Queen’s Road. Cambridge for me is a welcoming University City with multiple layers and diversity.  The city is a mixture of its history, present-day and the future with both busy and less busy moments. Cambridge is green with trees and gardens. Punting seems to be an activity hold around the year. The city cows live in harmony with the local people and the traffic. And the traffic… or shall I rather say “the sound of the cars”: it’s simply in the air – everywhere. But because we live in our everyday pink bubbles like the punters in the picture, we simply don’t notice it, or do we? ­­

Work selected to an edition of gift-prints in representing the University. 

Nature and city life in harmony

Nature and city life in harmony

This simplified view from the Botanical garden in Cambridge is to show how the garden is related to its close environment, surrounded by two busy roads but also some green areas where the city cows seem to spend their summers in harmony with cars, cyclists and pedestrians. This is a view which could be implemented to so many other cities and towns, so that plenty of space is given to green areas such as parks, gardens, fields and meadows. 

Work selected for Sustainability Art Prize 2018 Exhibition.

Private View: Wednesday 11 April, 5pm
Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge


Monsters in the Forbidden City

I had a special opportunity to participate in the book launch for 
Monsters in the Forbidden City 
by author Sheung Yee
at Bologna Children's Bookfair 2018

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